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Take a few ingredients and make a soup- Celeriac and Apple Soup

There were some ingredients from my organic box that I get delivered every week from Mama Earth Organics, and in my fridge that needed using up. What better way than to throw it all in a pot, boil and then pulverize to make a yummy soup?


1 large celeriac bulb cut into 1cm cubes

1 large onion chopped

1 leek chopped

3 carrots chopped

1 apple peeled ,  I used a dessert apple chopped

1 vegetable stock cube

about 1 litre water boiled

20 gm butter or thereabouts, you can use cooking or olive oil if you want

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp dried rosemary

1 tsp dried parsley

Salt and pepper

Some freshly grated parmesan cheese



These were all ingredients I had handy, I guess I should rename myself the handy soup maker!

First, heat pot and melt butter or oil if that is what you’re using. Toss in the onions and leeks and fry till soft but not browned. Add spices, herbs and carrots. Fry for 1-2 minutes, add celeriac then last but not least apple. Stir and fry till apples start to soften a bit.  Add the stock cube, crumbled into the other ingredients. Boil a kettle of water, pour over all ingredients until all ingredients are covered with water.  Add more if you want a thinner soup. Put lid on pot and bring to boil. Once boiling reduce to a simmer and simmer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, test the celeriac, if it is mashable with a wooden spoon against the side of your pot, it’s cooked. Time to pulverize! I use a kitchen aid hand blender but you could transfer to a blender to blend all ingredients until you get a smooth soup. Check seasoning, and viscosity. If you want a thinner soup, add some water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve  garnished with a swirl of cream if wished, some freshly grated black pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. We had it with some nice home-baked bread and lashings of butter!