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5 Fellows Road, Beeston, House for Sale




After owning our house in Beeston for almost 14 years, it’s time to move on. We have not been living in it for the past 4.5 years as we had left the UK to work abroad. After having it let for the past 4 years, we have decided to sell it. We seemed to have settled here in Canada, and may not move for several years until the kids have completed their high school education. If we did move back however, the house would be too small for us now anyhow. We currently live in a rented 3 bedroomed townhouse with 4 bathrooms, great luxury!  I don’t think we could ever move back to what we had before, we would end up killing each other.

We had bought the house on our move up from Bristol in 2000.  Dave was changing careers and had been posted to Nottingham. As his sister, Karen and her family lived in Nottingham, we decided to look at houses in her neighbourhood. Beeston is a nice neighbourhood. It has several great primary schools, a great library with a wonderful children’s section upstairs. Everything was within walking distance to us, just 5 minutes down the road was the town centre. schools, ballet classes, library all a short walk away. It’s a great place for a young family to grow up in.

It was by chance that we even viewed the house. I had gone into the estate agents and thought I had picked up the details of the house I was interested in, but had picked up 5 Fellows Road instead. It was slightly out of our price range at the time but we thought we’d have a look anyway.  Fellows Road is a lovely road with mature trees and  lovely houses with nice kept gardens. The house had off street parking too. It was in ‘vacant possession’ when we viewed it, so had no chains and no hassles with timings. We looked inside, walked out into the sunny garden with large patioed area, and was looking around when we noticed that Mitchell had settled down nicely on the steps outside the french glass doors and was patiently reading a Thomas the Tank book whilst the grown-ups were busy chatting and looking round. He looked as though he was home and our hearts melted at that moment, and thought, this is the house for us. Another thing we noticed that was in the garden was a Jasmine bush in full bloom giving off the most glorious scent alongside the honeysuckle…. another good omen.

It’s a bit silly to be sentimental about a house, but it was a house filled with love and we looked after it well and added on things as coffers would allow. Double glazing, solar panels for free hot water- this was super efficient, in the summer we would not have to turn to boiler on for hot water for weeks on end. We replaced the wall between the living room and dining room. Replacing the carpet downstairs with laminate flooring was a good idea too. Much easier to keep clean. The kitchen cabinets got a spruce up with new doors, we got a gas hob and extractor fan and a new double oven put in too. All in all we were very happy in our house and it was almost perfect. Plans to put in an upstairs toilet was next but we moved to Trinidad before that was done.

So, the time has come to say goodbye to my children’s childhood home. They remember it with fond memories, and nicknamed it our little house, even though it had 3 double bedrooms! So many memories, kids birthday parties in the garden, a bouncy castle, a pool party, a Wendy house, tents set up for daytime camping, the apple tree that was so old that almost all the apples were inedible.  Another chapter in our lives closing, and onwards to the next.

Here’s the link to Right Move for the details of our house