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Playing the waiting game

It’s been a while since I penned anything down. Just glancing at my last post, I was talking about the sale of our house in the UK. Well, that’s all done and dusted. We had a lovely if somewhat manic 2 weeks in England in the summer, and triapsed to the Gower peninsular on our arrival, scattering mum’s ashes in Rhosilli Bay, followed by a scrumptious dinner with the family. We stayed at a lovely penthouse apartment in Swansea. I will do a review of that at some later point. The next day was spent wandering around Mumbles, reminiscing our many holidays and weekend trips down to see mum and dad whilst they were still living in Langland.

We then left for Bristol and spent a lovely evening with the Greenslades. The following morning we left for Nottingham and headed straight for Beeston, reuniting Jasmine with her best friend Laura. Mitch managed to hook up with some of his pals but it was all a bit hit and miss. Laura’s family very kindly put us up for a few days.

We stayed 4 days in the end, the extra day waiting for Mitch’s friends to return from their holidays. We left for London on Friday, minus the kids and stayed with Karen for the weekend. It was lovely if somewhat strange not to have the kids with us, which was in all intents and purposes a family holiday. At least my kids were having a family holiday, spent with their friends’ families!

We did a few sights in London, visiting Kew Gardens, London and Tower Bridge, The Tate Modern, The V&A and Harrods of course. On Tuesday, we headed up North, back to Beeston to pick Mitch up and we then drove up to the Lake District, staying in Ambleside. Jasmine was already there having been invited by Laura’s family to holiday with them.

We took a boat ride on Lake Windermere and did a short walk along the lakeshore and had a few good meals. All too soon it was time to return to London, to meet up with the family one last time before catching our flight home on Sunday.

It was lovely for all the cousins to get together and what a blast and a laugh we all did have. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Our flight back to Toronto was delayed by 4 hours. So, having returned the car early to save a day’s car rental, we had many hours to while away in the Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow. It was all done up and very pleasant. We had dinner at Yo-Sushi, one of our favourite haunts when we lived in the UK.

Now, on to the waiting game bit. We are still awaiting on the outcome of our PR application. 13 months have come and gone and we have still not heard form the Canadian immigration department as to whether we’ve been granted landed immigrant status. It’s playing on our minds a bit and stopping us from making too big a financial commitment towards anything. Dave’s Lexus needs some exhaust pipe work doing and will cost over 1K, and we were thinking of changing the car as it’s now 10 years old and has done many miles. We were thinking of buying a house but have put this on hold as the prices are ridiculously high and also we are uncertain of our future here in Canada. We would ideally like to stay until both kids finish high school. But this may not happen of course, if we do not get our PR. It’s all a bit up in the air and fairly unsettling. Sigh.

I have started teaching crochet and knitting at Michael’s in Markham. It’s been good so far, though there are many classes that go unfilled, meaning no students have signed up. My next doula contract does not start till the end of November, so I have been busy crafting for the Thornhill Moksha open day.

Anyway, going to end here as I have to get ready to leave for work at Michaels soon.