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As I sit here at my desk, wondering whether I have packed everything needed for Malaysia, I find myself wishing I have made a list! But I am just not a list person. The only time I ever make a list is if I have to go grocery shopping. And not always either. When I do make a list, I find I get to the shops and I have left my list at home. There are many different ways now that I could make a list apart from physically getting a pen and a piece of paper and writing it all down.  I could do it on my phone, type it all down. I could even dictate it using the voice thingy majiggy and I would have the list done in no time at all. I am sure there are apps out there that make making lists a doodle too. I haven’t looked to see though.

I just tend to store everything in my head, shopping lists, packing lists, things to do.  Inadvertently, I forget something. So far, it’s not be anything vital nor the end of the world, but I am sure one day it will happen as I am aging and my memory does not appear to be as good as it was.  Though, this morning I realized that I had forgotten to send Jasmine off on her trip with a photocopy of her health card, or get her to take a picture of it on her phone.  I did text her the number and tried to send her a picture of it, but she can’t receive pics on her SMS plan! Darn and double darn. This is not an efficient way to go about things!

I know a lot of list makers, I am married to one, and my sister-in-law Karen is a great list maker. I think one can derive great satisfaction when crossing out things on one’s “to do” list. A sense of achievement. Let me attempt to be better at making lists, to aid my memory. Let’s start now.

Things to do before I leave for the airport

Pack suitcase and hand luggage

Leave Jasmine’s health card and library card behind

Leave my car keys behind for Dave

Get ready to leave by 12.30

Check in on-line and print boarding pass

Check I have a valid passport

Lock all doors and make sure all lights are turned off before I leave

Buy mum an orangey lipstick at the airport.

Ok, all of the above I have achieved already apart from locking the doors and buying the lipstick as I have yet to leave, so what was my purpose of making this list? Double checking I guess, to see if I have done everything I need to. Also am doing it backwards, I really should have made the list before I carry out the tasks!

Another list I could have made was the packing list, let’s see is I have forgotten anything.

Clothes for 1 week at least, outfit for dad’s party.


Toiletries including make up

Accessories? Pandora bracelet?  –  forgot to put this on

Chinese herbs and stuff for mum and dad

maple syrup


books to read

some yarn and needles



goggles –  forgot these, will go hunt for them

Hair brush, tooth-brush

See, that was useful. I forgot 2 items that were in the recesses of my brain, and writing it down, drew them out. Time to put Pandora on and find those goggles.

Ok, this will be my last entry for a bit. Will write more on my return…. see you all in 12 days….







Author: cherrypumpkins

A postpartum doula with 19 years of nursing and midwifery background. I am caring, compassionate, sensitive to others' needs, supportive and have good sense of humour. I love to cook and have this ridiculous dream to feed the world. Another passion I have is crocheting and knitting. I am happily married to the most wonderful man and we have 2 amazing and beautiful children who are in their teens.

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