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Describe me in 4 words please.

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I was trying to update my profile on google+ and asked Dave to describe me in 4 words. This was what happened next… he first went, “urhhhhgghhhhhhhh” in a loud groan.

“Energetic!” First decipherable word.

Then he held both his hands on either side of his head like he was in pain…. he looked it too.

Great reaction, don’t you think!

He then said, “how do you describe a person who wants to feed the world, not just with food but also with love and nurturing? ”

Finally some words that I could use. Then the word honest, “you’re very honest”.

Yes folks, that I am. Energetic, Nurturing, Loving, Honest… 4 words that describe me… the very essence of me.


Author: cherrypumpkins

A postpartum doula with 19 years of nursing and midwifery background. I am caring, compassionate, sensitive to others' needs, supportive and have good sense of humour. I love to cook and have this ridiculous dream to feed the world. Another passion I have is crocheting and knitting. I am happily married to the most wonderful man and we have 2 amazing and beautiful children who are in their teens.

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