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Damper Start to the Year of the Water Dragon…

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CNY is supposed to be a time of joy, celebration and happiness…. but for a person who’s away from their family, a person is in an interracial marriage, it can also be a time of extreme loneliness… trying so hard to not think of all that I am missing out on, have missed and will continue to miss the more years I am away…. It’s like in the UK, where it is said that Christmas and New Year can be a very stressful and lonely time, when really it should be a time of great happiness… stressful because family get together and but they don’t get along, and lonely for those who do not have family around, or feel they don’t belong… there have been many an episode of US sitcoms about the American Thanksgiving day and how stressful and lonely that could be… we should give thanks for all this stress?

Don’t get me wrong, Dave is great and helped with the spring cleaning, shopping and getting the house ready for CNY, but the events of last week put a damper on things and I feel it’s ruined things.. I know I shouldn’t let it, and rise above it all, and we have, but it would have been lovely to have had my family here to have jolly me along…

Reflecting is all part of being self aware, sometimes it’s great, but today…. I am looking at most of my life’s choices and decisions and wonder… but why waste time wondering, it cannot be undone, what can be done is to look at it, dissect it a little or maybe look at it under a microscope, learn from it and move on… getting into gear is the first hard step, but once gathering momentum it should be plain sailing, mind out sticks…. Cherrypumpkins is a coming….


Author: cherrypumpkins

A postpartum doula with 19 years of nursing and midwifery background. I am caring, compassionate, sensitive to others' needs, supportive and have good sense of humour. I love to cook and have this ridiculous dream to feed the world. Another passion I have is crocheting and knitting. I am happily married to the most wonderful man and we have 2 amazing and beautiful children who are in their teens.

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